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Dear readers,


If you think mere smashing off a phone interview would confirm your success as an interviewee,


then probably you need to rethink about it.


The other remaining challenges include sending off a nicely written post-interview thank you Email-letter.


Even the data shows that many hiring executives don’t really hire a candidate who does not send a post Phone-interview thank you Email-letter.


Yes, it Plays Crucial—



After all, the hiring executive or manager is still evaluating you after the interview.


He’s still contemplating to pick out the best deserving candidate to fill the position required by the company.


2 Key Takeways [important]


  • Never wait too long to post that thank you letter because then it will reflect your unpunctuality and disingenuousness.


  • You don’t really want to mention your contact details or social media accounts as it’s totally useless and unworthy.


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Let me now put it this way;


Your interview should never ever be a one-sided interest.


It’s like a relationship,


Always consider you and your partner are the equal stakeholders of each other’s attention.


It’s actually you who desires to get the position into a company, and them who gives the thing you desire.


It’s almost like a value exchange relationship if put into simpler terms.


So, therefore, a good post Phone-interview thank you Email-letter would pose more as a gratitude letter to carry forward that relationship.


So, now, without wasting any further time, let’s get to the process of drafting a decent post-interview thank you Email-letter.


I would also like to mention here that the sample I’m going to present below, is one of the best version of thank you Email-letter in my knowledge.


And therefore it would be wise to not look around too much for other versions.


Best Sample Thank You Email For Interview


Rashaad Ather –    (Your name)

103, F-2, Connaught Place – (Your address)

New Delhi – 110021


17/01/2020    (Date)


William HR John    (Interviewer’s name)

123, Cross Avenue       (Office address)

Mumbai, Maharashtra – 120071




Thank you for giving me the opportunity for the interview for the Executive Manager post last week. What a great fit your company would be to me.


I am hoping that you would consider me as a worthy candidate for the executive manager post. I am highly skilled at prospecting, negotiation, and closing the sale.


Thank you for considering me for the position. I look forward to speaking with you again about the executive managerial post. Please contact me if you have any further questions or doubts, and I hope to speak with you very soon!


Sincerely yours.


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You need to show some respect and gratitude to your hirers. Every authority likes to be respected and honored,


isn’t it true!!?


You can start off by thanking them to have you considered for the position.




You need to make them know that you’re desperately looking forward to join the company. And once again,


you need to summarize your skills in a very compact manner.


Try to make it as short as possible.




Again, you need to make them know your eagerness for the job.


Remember that hiring executives always like candidates who are energetic, hungry and passionate for the job.


All The Best