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What is the Full Form of TBH?

tbh full form

TBH full form stands for “TO BE HONEST”. TBH is a very common and popular social media slang/acronym. This acronym is usually used to state the fact that the speaker is being completely honest.


For e.g. when I say “TBH, his response was completely unexpected” I intend to say this with all honesty that I didn’t expect such a reply from the person who’s being addressed.


TBH: The Social Media Currency


TBH has now turned into a social media exchange. People on social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Instagram, put of posts like ‘TBH for Follow’ or ‘TBH for Likes’.


Here, the main idea is that when Person A posts a story or post saying ‘TBH for Likes’ the people who follow her will like her posts, given that she says something about them. This ‘something’ is usually the opinions Person A has of Person B, Person C, etc that they’d post in the form of a video or just a normal textual post/story.


In this way of exchange, Person B and Person C get some sort of mention or recognition on Person A’s account which might lead to some of Person A’s followers to follow them (Person B and C), or sometimes they just want to know what Person A thinks of them.


TBH is now a much bigger thing than just an acronym for the term To Be Honest. It has become a way of knowing other’s opinions about you and moreover, it has become a tool to increase social media popularity.


Bloggers and influencers who are new to this business usually interact with their limited followers and then use TBH’s as a strategy to win the hearts of their followers, by saying good things about them in front of a larger audience than that of the follower.



Anyhow, the term TBH was introduced as the acronym To Be Honest, because people usually post their opinions on Social Media platforms. And, to establish the fact that they’re being honest about something, they use the term TBH.

We hope to have helped you out in knowing this social media slang and we hope to bring a lot more of these. So stay connected!


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