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What is the Full Form of SSLC?

sslc full form

SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate. In India, after receiving their grade sheet/mark sheet of class 10th, a student can obtain the SSLC.


SSLC is usually issued to a student when he/she wishes to terminate his/her school studies. After receiving the SSLC, it is assumed that a student has completed their basic education up to class 10th.


After getting the SSLC, a student is eligible to apply for a two-year course in any subject. It means that after receiving the SSLC, a student can specialize in any subject of his/her choice in a two-year course.


After the completion of this course, students can further apply for undergraduate courses in colleges and universities.






History of the SSLC:


Earlier, when the registration of birth certificates was not mandatory in India, SSLC was considered to be the document for age proof.


It is still considered as an age proving document for people who were born before 1989 for the purposes of age verification on passports and other civil documents.


Use of the SSLC:


As mentioned above, an SSLC can be used for age verification for issuing various legal documents. After obtaining an SSLC, students get eligible to apply for various Vocational Courses.


Nowadays, an SSLC or its equivalent document is required to obtain a passport under the Indian government for the purposes of employment.



SSLC full form is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It is issued when a student wishes to end their school education and is used for various purposes.


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