Should we wear Masks and gloves while going out or not?

Everybody must wear Masks while going out while Gloves are necessary for patients and healthcare workers; there is still no recommendation that the general public should wear them.

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Masks were not compulsory for all while going out when the COVID-19 initially broke out, it was essential only for the Corona Positive patients or healthcare workers working closely with the infected person. When the infection started to spread rapidly authorities made it compulsory for everybody to wear masks while going out. The Virus gets spread from one person to another while coughing or sneezing which is why it was made necessary for the patients to wear masks. A healthy person will also get infected if he or she will come in contact with somebody Corona positive sneezing. Therefore authorities in India as well as other countries made it compulsory to wear masks while going out even if you are a healthy person.

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For someone living in their houses because of lockdown it is very unlikely to touch any infected surfaces and get infected, therefore it has not been guided to wear gloves. It is enough to wash hands with soap properly or use alcohol-based sanitizers if you go out.

However for the people suffering from COVID-19 it is compulsory to wear masks as they can touch any surfaces and make that infectious. Also the people working with Corona Patients like Doctors or other health workers there is a possibility that they might touch infected surfaces and get infected with Noble Corona Virus.

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Many experts quoted by international media have said gloves should only be worn to protect healthcare workers from the fluids of an infected person. When dealing with a patient, a new pair of sterile gloves should be used.