7 Scientific Updates Related to Covid-19

As the new SARS-COVID-2  virus continues to wreck countries all over the world, researchers, scientists, theorists, experts, and health professionals are working hard in search of new facts, observations and studies related to this deadly COVID-19 disease.


So far, Italy, China and the United States of America have been among the worst-hit countries.


As this mysterious virus surges ahead to affect more and more people,  a clear sense of anxiety has been observed among people about the virus, which unfortunately has led to a rise in over-speculation and circulation of fake news on social media.


So, we have decided to prepare a list of curated scientific updates on the virus and disease.


7 Most Recent Covid-19 Scientific Updates [Must Know]


1. Suggestion Of Researchers in China

Recent studies suggest WARMER WEATHER may slow down the spread of the new coronavirus, but it won’t halt the progression of the disease. Scientists at China’s Beijing and Tsinghua University, Researchers at the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute University) have suggested the study.


2. Oxford University Guessed

A recent study by the University of Oxford estimates half of the population of the UK may already have been infected by Coronavirus. However, it hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet. But if proved right, it might debunk the social distancing strategy, as recommended by various health experts.


3. Immunity Boosters

Supplements rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc can significantly boost the immune system to fight antigens like viruses.


4. “I am Young and I can’t Get Severe”

Researchers are now gearing up for another research to find if a patient’s genomes can complicate recovery from COVID-19. So far, the virus has selectively targeted mostly elderly or people having complicated problems such as heart problems but there have been cases of severity in some young children.


5. Severe Impact

The US drugmaker Pfizer Inc has paused new studies related to coronavirus due to the outbreak.


6. Regular Care is More Effective

New Study finds Malaria medicine Chloroquine not much effective than regular coronavirus care. The study debunks claims of US President Donald Trump, who earlier said, “Doctors can now prescribe chloroquine for that off-label purpose of dealing with the symptoms of coronavirus”.


7. Epidemic is Natural 

A recent analysis of public genome sequence data from COVID-19 of Scripps Research Institute claims the epidemic to be natural and not artificial, according to findings published today in the journal Nature Medicine.


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