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You are in the final year of your college,


Campus placements have started. You have to appear for the interview,




You are already working somewhere? and want to switch companies.


Similarly, you simply want to apply for an internship interview during college.


You are sitting for the interview, the first thing that you will do is hand the CV to the interviewer.


When you start writing your CV, questions that come to your mind are,


What should be the size of the CV?

How many pages should a CV be?

What are the details that should be included?

How is a CV different from a resume?

Is the information provided in the CV enough? Or Is it too much?

Why does the size of the resume matters?

Why resume building is such an issue?


We have covered the answers of these queries. Are they heck? Let’s find yourself in the end.


How long should a CV be?


Some say it should be 1 page?, others say a detailed one?, it should more than 2 pages or say 5.


This question will definitely bother you at some point in life!


Don’t worry—


We’ve got your back, we will guide you on how long should your CV be and what are the details that should be included.


The most important thing that you require while going for the interview is a CV, that will contain all the information like your educational qualification, work experience, and personal information.


Suppose you are sitting for an interview, have you ever prepared for an interview?


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The first thing that you do before the interview starts is handing the resume to the interviewer.


” First impression is the last impression”, they say and resume is the first thing that your interviewer sees.


The interviewer reads your resume and perception is made about you, even before he starts asking you the questions.


Sometimes companies ask you to send your resume on email and you won’t even get the chance to speak anything or explain anything.


Pro Tip: CV should be such that it contains all the information that the interviewer is looking for and at the same time it isn’t too long that the interviewer gets bored reading it.


What should be the size of the CV?


The best resume is the shortest resume. This is the millenials generation, interviewer won’t have time to go through your 5-6 pages boring detailed CV.


For example—


What brand clothes you like will be of no interest for your interviewer! Write information that are relevant, unless the interview is for a position in a fashion magazine.


For most interviewees, one page is enough. If you have experience of 5 or more years then that’s different..


How many pages should it have?


A resume should be 1 or 2 pages for most. If you have many years of experience then you can go for more than 2.


Note: It totally depends on the position you are applying for and the kind of experience you have.


If you have huge experience but its not related to the requirement of the company, don’t include that.


If you can fit your experience in one page then its the best.


What are the details that should be included?


  • Start with properly writing your name, contact details and address,
  • Then write two three lines about your professional skillset related to that job, then write about your educational qualification in detail and,
  • At last write about the previous work experience which should include your company name and the projects you have worked on.
  • All this information could be fitted in one page and if the work experience is related to the job position then let that go to two pages or three pages.


Is the information provided in the CV enough? Is it too much?


Don’t include anything which is irrelevant to the job position you are giving interview for. Relevancy is the key, write everything in such a way that it explains more in less words.


For example—


If you are applying for a management position in any organization, then write about your previous companies and events or projects you have managed.


Don’t go in too much detailing just write project’s or event’s name and what thing you had to manage that will be all.


Thinking too much if information provided is enough or not can affect your confidence during interview, so don’t think too much about it.


Why does the size of the resume matters?


For any position, a number of applicants may have applied and recruiting managers normally pass through the resume of applicants within a few seconds.


Using some perfect size will definitely catch their eye and attention, making them read through your resume and application.


Therefore it is important to choose the perfect size for your CV.


Other than this make sure that you use font size cleverly, use fonts that makes your CV look attractive and professional. Use proper bullet points and then explain them in 1-2 line.


Key Takeaways:

First impression of your CV is the trick to crack.

Size of the CV differs on the position you are applying.

CV should be short and relevent respective of company requirement