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Finally the most unwanted thing of the hour, Corona Virus


That we were wishing not to come India,


This Virus has come to India. Indians stuck on cruise ship Diamond Princess, those who boarded the ship from the Japan coast and were suspected to be infected by the COVID-19 were kept under the observation on an isolated island.


Now they have been tested negative from the COVID-19 amd will soon be repatriated to India. The total number of people infected by coronavirus in India has gone up to Thirty One (31). Among them, 13 are Italian nationals, who were part of a travel group to Jaipur. Earlier in the week, two more people had tested positive, one from the national capital, and the other a Bengaluru techie in Telangana.


The new coronavirus — or COVID-19 — has now spread to more than 70 countries, and killed more than 3,000 globally. Corona virus has badly hit Chinese economy, all the major multi national companies like starbucks have shut many of their shops in China. Big hotel brands have shut themselves in China for sometime, people fear going out and working as it can be deadly for them. The more loss has happened because of the preventive measures taken to make sure it doesn’t spread than from the Virus itself.


Since it is already here in India, what we can do is take preventive measures and make sure it doesn’t spread and harm us.


Things You Shouldn’t Do:


  1. Unnecessary touch: Avoid unnecessary touch from people as much as you can. It spreads from touch.
  2. Getting exposed to hostile environment: Public tranport and public places could be very hostile as somebody carrying infection can infect you too, avoid going out as much as you can.
  3. Sneeze openly: Never sneeze or cough openly as it will affect others.
  4. Ignore symptoms: Do not at all ignore if you are feeling sick, any kind of uneasyness should not ignored and visit to doctor as soon as possible.
  5. Avoid going to crowded places till the end of the spring: Avoid going to crowded places where the chances of getting exposed to infection is maximum.


Things You Should Do:


  • Stay hydrated: Drink as much water and other liquids as you can.
  • Get plenty of rest: Take sound sleep of 7-8 hours and avoid going out, rest at home as much as you can.
  • Take medication: Proper medication of any problem you have like cold, cough, sore throat and fever.
  • Healthy eating habits: Eat healthy, consume a healthy and nutitious diet to robust immune system.
  • Personal hygiene: Wash you hands with soap and sanitizer on small intervals. Cover you mouth and nose while sneezing, keep surroundings clean.

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Awareness is good but panic is bad, do not panic in any situation.


COVID-19 is not that deadly for Indians as many times its virus gets killed by itself.


More people are killed in the world because of Malaria, Road accidents and War than Corona Virus.


It has mostly spread where the temperature is below 10 degrees. It will most probably be gone as the summers start.

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