BPO Meaning | Future Of BPO and Call Centres

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BPO meaning (Business Process Outsourcing)   BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, by looking in terms of meaning or definition, It is stated as an outsourcing of any process of the business to some external service provider.   In Business Process Outsourcing, the non-primary business activities and functions are given to some third party organization sitting … Read more

CS Resume – Absolute Writing Guideline | Sample Templates & Examples

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Computer Science Resume(CS Resume) : Guidelines & Samples   So, you got that Computer Science degree.   You really did that and that is awesome! But it is not the end of the work, mate!. The real work starts here and we are here to help you with that.   A Resume needs to be … Read more

How long Should a CV Be? | Absolute CV length | immanenthub

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You are in the final year of your college,   Campus placements have started. You have to appear for the interview,   Or—   You are already working somewhere? and want to switch companies.   Similarly, you simply want to apply for an internship interview during college.   You are sitting for the interview, the … Read more

Thank You Email For Phone Interview [Best Version] | immanenthub

thank you email for phone interview

Dear readers,   If you think mere smashing off a phone interview would confirm your success as an interviewee,   then probably you need to rethink about it.   The other remaining challenges include sending off a nicely written post-interview thank you Email-letter.   Even the data shows that many hiring executives don’t really hire … Read more