The Indian Constitution | Its Need vs Its Implementation | immanenthub

parliament of india

The Indian Constitution’. It sounds like something grand and enormous, doesn’t it?   Well, it is, in fact, grand and enormous. Considering that India was ‘captivated’ by the British for more than 200 years, India, today, has a set of a constitution which it works upon, and not only this,   India is the largest … Read more

Hostel Life In College – A Perfect Place For Exposure | immanenthub

hostel life in college

Switching to the college from school, at first sight, looks like the beginning of a phase of excitement, fun, and new learning. New friends, new environment, new learnings, new experiences; all these eventually constitute major features of college life. Well, it would be a bit unfair to not mention hostel life, as far as college … Read more

Importance Of Sports In Student’s Life | immanenthub

importance of sports in students life

When I say, student, that doesn’t mean a school going kid.   if you are doing a job, you are a student as well doesnt it? think for a second,   stages of life change thoughts of your mind in a different way   In a student’s life, there are a lot of things besides … Read more

Self Introduction In Interview For Experienced Candidates – immanenthub

self introduction in interview for experienced candidates

Doing well at interviews is not nearly as difficult as many people think. With the correct preparation and a little practice, most people who dread interviews can learn to excel. The important thing to note is that performing well at interviews is a learned process. Highly effective interviewees are not born with interview skills; rather, … Read more

25 Persuasive Examples Of Compound Sentences

Examples Of Compound Sentences

Before we jump to the list of the sentences, let’s have a look at what a compound sentence actually is. So, in English, a compound sentence is basically a sentence which has at least two independent clauses joined by a comma, semicolon or a conjunction. Let’s further understand the parts of this statement. We will … Read more

11 Lesser Known Study Tips For College Students


The transition from being a school going student to a college student sounds very cool, doesn’t it? In this article I will talk about some outrageous study tips for college students which will help you get through the infinite number of exams at college:     But, it is only after we begin attending the … Read more